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. I have founded a software company called Stinky Software, and made a few programs, which will be here soon.
Well not here...This site is a holdover until I can get a real domain name, so I can use my mad HTML skills, let folks download my stuff, and have a good message board.

The History or Story Behind My Site
Not like anybody cares, but here it goes...
My first website was made in FrontPage 97 about 4 years ago. However, it was never published. Also around this time, I founded Stinky Software.
Since I was young then and lacked good software, hardware, and staff, complex programs never were made, and thus a good marketing push for the company was never made. I had great ideas, but no means of doing them, so the company disbaned.

Then, about a year ago, a great thing happened. I got software, and a new computer, and a whole lot more skill, plus friends who could help me. I brought back the company, and set to work.
As of yet, our masterful ideas have still not come to pass, but that day will come soon. As of now, we have made 4 finished programs, and 2 in the works.
There are a few other stinky software pages, made by folks who are helping me. Soon, we will combine these sites, our efforts, and make something great.


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