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Welcome To PandaWorld! The home site of The grand Panda, and StinkySoft!
Hi! Welcome to PandaWorld! Sadly, due to all of the crap 1colony is giving me, and some other stuff, I am going to stop updating this page at the current rate. So, I might stop by, say once every few weeks. I'll get you posted on the new URL
PandaWorld Updates
6/13/00 First programs written by StinkySoft
10/12/01 Updates of first 3 programs
10/22/01 Site first setup! Woo-who!!!!
10/24/01 Got the joke of the day, and my first panda picture up. Also, GOT CORKBOARD UP! Type in the url
To get there. My links on this page are all messed up..
10/25/01 Added picture page, and put the PANDA POEM up on the humor page! Please read it! It's really funny!
10/26/01 Got LINKS WORKIN'! Plus, added hit counter, (ah, shaddup!) and guestbook, (nothing is sadder than an empty guestbook) and shockwave games and more fun on the humor page. Too bad nobody ever comes here...)
10/29/01 Added poll to about page. Hope to change it every so often... I got 50 Hits!
12/6/01 Created IconWorks 2.1, now, with 32 bit color pallet! Also, working on real site as of last week, blah blah blah...
Hey, we might be moving!
Look for this site to move soon, since I am fed up with the fact 1colony makes it a pain in the @$$ to make links, and is so restrictive on layout. Plus, I can't upload my games here, so you can't download them! In the mean time, still come here until further notice.

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IconWorks 2.1 DONE!
This new version now lets you use thousands more colors than the first version, it is smaller and has a few better painting tools. Version 2.19 will bring back the "MultiIcon (tm)" feature, which lets you have up to seven icon sup at once.

Nasty stuff eh? Bad e-mail, and tastes like a cross between beef, cafeteria food, frogs, and grilled mongoose. If you like spam, you can join the pandaworld newsletter, made once every few weeks. Just e-mail me and say so!
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